Avalon Banks Shark Expedition from Alex on Vimeo.

Underwater footage of mako sharks in California captured in this video.

From the video maker:

“A brief video from a day spent in search of sharks on the Psalty V dive boat. Leaving out of San Pedro, California – just to the south of Los Angeles – we arrived at the Avalon Banks, located approximately 16 miles off shore. On the ride out we were lucky to spot what we think was a Blue whale. We were also accompanied by a large pod of dolphins that briefly joined up with us for the ride out.

Arriving at the Avalon Banks we began chumming the water with bait fish and began waiting. After a 2 hour nap down below I awoke to find a curious Short Fin Mako shark examining our bait as he swam around the boat. After a quick scramble, we all grabbed our gear and jumped excitedly into the water.

Not only did we have beautiful weather, clear water and warm temperatures but we had the fantastic luck of finding a Mako shark that was eager to hang out and swim with us for over an hour. Gary, the boat’s owner and captain, was able to hand feed the shark. In his over 15 years of running boats out looking for sharks, this was his first time ever feeding a Mako.

Perhaps the shark was so relaxed because she was the only shark there at the time and she had no competition for the fish. Whatever the reason, we all felt incredibly fortunate to be able to spend some time with this incredible animal.”

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