Swimming with Sharks (Video)

From Fear to Respect from Samuel Nowack on Vimeo.

A beautiful video from Samuel Nowack showing why we should respect sharks rather than fear them.

From Nowack:

“Ask yourself, why do you fear sharks? Irrational fear of sharks stems from how sharks have been portrayed. As someone who has swam and experienced shark behavior, my fear has changed into respect. Sharks have extraordinary sensory adaptations allowing them to swim through schools of fish to detect and target individuals that are sick. By removing these fish from the population, sharks actually help regulate disease and illness acting as the white blood cells of the sea. With a 90% decline in the world’s shark population, an unhealthy ocean is inevitable. So I ask you this, what will you do to protect and save our sharks, the white blood cells of our blue-blooded planet?”

To check out more from Samuel Nowack, click here.

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