Swimming inside a Hammerhead Shark school from Yauming Chiam on Vimeo.

Beautiful video a diver captured of swimming in a school of hammerhead sharks.

From the video maker:

“‘I dive the deep blue,
To depths where no men have been.
I am wild. I am free.
You cannot touch me.’ Yauming Chiam

On Monday I scuba dived within a hammerhead shark school – 40+ strong. Surrounded by these magnificent creatures all around me I felt no fear just an incredible feeling of awe, amazement and above all humility that these mighty hunters of the sea were allowing me into their midst, accepting me as one of their own. We swam closely alongside each other gazing with mutual curiosity in this blue oceanic universe. They were all large – 3m – 5m in size and swimming at various depths. There were probably over 40 to 60 of them – as you descended deeper more hammers magically appeared. The fabled visibility of Layang was absent that week due to a coral bloom.

At times I was just only two meters away from them. Never have I been so close to so many hammerhead sharks who are usually very wary of humans. It is very difficult to swim so close to them. But with skill, careful swimming, you can approach them and swim together in their midst as one of them.

Gazing with wonder at their strange googly eyes and their sleek silver almost luminous bodies reflecting the distant sunlight I chanted my diving poem – “I dive the deep blue to depths where no man has been. I am wild I am free. You will not touch me.” And prayed that these

It was one of the highlights of my diving life, I’ve dived with schools of hammerhead sharks before but not this close and for so long. Layang always amazes me with incredible encounters such as this I hope to experience many more. Thanks to my Divemaster Fariz and the loverly and gracious Esther Zuline from The Submersibles.This is why I scuba dive.

Photos taken from my GoPro3 video. capture. Depth 30 – 35M. Site: “The Valley”, Layang-Layang Island Resort Layang, Southern Sprately Islands. Organized by The Submersibles. Contact: info@thesubmersibles.com – .”

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