Epiphany: Tiger Beach, beautiful shark encounter from Michael Maes on Vimeo.

A beautiful encounter with a tiger shark in the Bahamas.

From the filmmaker:

“This clip is a RAW 4K one shot on production at Tiger Beach, Bahamas for my documentary “Epiphany”.
I only applied an ‘S-Curve’ to add some contrast, else it is “as shot” (ambient). No color grading, image stabilization and so on has been applied.
It shows the grace of sharks and their peace if you respect their realm.
Ellen Cuylaerts, the main character of the documentary “Epiphany”, is surround by one of the most “dangerous” sharks, the tiger sharks. At a certain point there were 5 in our immediate vicinity and they only showed us their beauty and tranquility.
This clip shows 2 tiger sharks, some lemons and a bunch of reef sharks.”

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