2015-02-17 – 50 shades of Blue from Jonas Follesø on Vimeo.

Mako sharks, blue sharks, and more in a great video from Jonas Follesø.

From the video maker:

“On the 17th of February we went out with Shark Explorers to dive with Blue Sharks and Shortfin Mako Sharks. We had to head 45k south of Cape Point to find a varm side stream of the Agulhas which the Blues and Makos hunt in. The seas were rough, but it was totally worth it, as 6 Blues and 2 Makos showed up. The Makos hung around during the whole dive, and the Blues were active and curious little buggers. On the way back we stopped to dive with the Sevengill Cow Sharks, and we also got a bonus Dark Shyshark.”

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